Sunday, February 05, 2006

Have Hoop, Will Travel

My Artist's Date this week was working with my Dad to build a lap hoop - I wanted it to fold up so that its easier to transport and store - most of the ones I have seen are not very easy to transport. Having a Dad that is a mechanical engineer is a very definite advantage when you want to build something like this! This was a very fun project...Now to get busy practicing the 'metal to metal' quilting technique and letting Aunt Becky do all the work!


View from the Top


Jane Ann said...

Awesome! My first husband couldn't drive a nail, but my second husband can do anything I dream up. Amazing what a surprise-bonus part of our relationship that is, when I'd never had it before! Working with your dad on such a project had to be fun. Beautiful outcome too.

Deb H said...

Very Cool!