Sunday, April 09, 2006

Presenting My New...

SEWING ROOM!!!! My son moved to his own place last weekend, so the room he was in became a guest room/storage room/office, while the room where my drafting table was became my sewing room. I have been dreaming of this for months! I started at 8:30 Saturday morning and worked almost non-stop until 8:30 pm...I had a brief break once I moved the desk in for my sewing table and realized that I needed shelves for all the supplies! So I dashed off to the home improvement store and bought a couple of 'do it yourself, easy assembly' shelve sets (False advertising - see below!). I moved boxes, bookcases, clothes, made up the guest bed, vacuumed (twice), dusted, rearranged, built two sets of shelves, did 4 loads of washing and generally wore myself out...I am exhausted and sore, but very happy!
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This is my 'design wall' - 2 yards of white diaper flannel.
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This is the computer desk I appropriated for my sewing table...Notice the machine is set on the keyboard holder so that its level with the table. Haven't tried this setup yet, but sitting in front of it is comfy!
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These are my storage shelves. I had to build them...I cast aspersions on their parentage and the parentage of the designers...the air was a bit blue...everytime I would 'tap' one brace in, another one would pop out...the whole thing collapsed several times...but I perservered and...have shelves..very FULL shelves...I did not realize just how much quilting stuff was stashed around the house! But, its all in here now.
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This is my office, where several times a week I work from the 6 second commute!
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This is my drafting board - cutting table... I love that its just the right height for me so my back does not get sore.
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This is my needs reorganizing...
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This is the bottom bunk in the other room made up as a daybed. It needs its own quilt! I think it turned out pretty cute. I used the mattress from the top bunk for a bolster - the top bunk is being used for storage - mostly wrapping paper and the junk (err, 'stuff') my DD left in the closet when she moved out. Notice Misty the Cat enjoying the bolster! (all three cats have explored the area and have given their stamp of approval on the improvements)


Debra Spincic said...

There is no stopping you now! Clever with the keyboard and the sewing machine together as a table unit. You always have good ideas!!

Kay said...

How excited you must be with this new space Looks great. I sympathize with you about the shelves. I tried those once and will never do it again. If you have to do it again, I recommend Rubbermaid plastic shelving. It really does snap together easily, and seems sturdy enough. Mine's in its third year.

Rian said...

Jump for JOY! What fun! And how cool is that keyboard height thing! You will love having a dedicated room. Congratulations!

diva of quilts said...

congratulations on your new sewing room! love all the wonderful colors in the projects on your design wall. isn't it amazing how often the stash needs reorganizing?

Granny Fran said...

Congratulations on your new sewing studio/office. I love what I see on your design wall and the computer desk is a great idea. Isn't it funny how much we can get done in a short time when really motivated. Even if it means running out to buy shelves and hanging in there until they are up.