Sunday, September 17, 2006

Medieval Torture Devices and The Mother of The Groom Dress

My DS is getting married in 4 weeks...actually a little less than...4 weeks ago yesterday.

His bride-to-be has chosen fall colors for the wedding - burgundies and golds...
My last remaining formal that still fits is pale green...not at all suitable! I thought about dyeing it forest green which the bride-to-be said would fit in ok, but the bottle of dye said not for dry clean only fabrics..rats!

So off to the store I went. I thought I would start at some of the stores in the mall that we shopped at when my DD was in HS and going to proms. First store and I hit paydirt...well at least I think its paydirt - the bride-to-be still needs to check out the color and confirm its going to blend with the dresses she's picked out for the bridesmaids. Here is a picture of the dress (thats NOT me in it) in the color I bought.

Being of a certain age and given my propensity for NOT exercising the way I should, my figure is not definately not quite as toned as the model's...sigh. So I bought what I call a 'medieval torture device' - a tummy slimmer, 'guaranteed to take inches off' your waistline. This gizmo takes me at least 5 good minutes to fasten plus much huffing and puffing, works and I can still breathe (eating may be another story!). I had to invest in a strapless bra too...imagine...I am this age and have never worn one!

To round out the day, I found a teenie dull gold handbag thats just big enough for the cell phone and a comb...and the requisite wedding hankie, a pair of flat-heeled gold slippers (due to a car accident a few years back, heels are out of the question) and a gold shawl to cover the shoulders. In SoCal, you never know what kind of weather October can could be blazing hot or chilly... Total shopping time: 1 1/2 hours..including standing a checkout lane that did not move for at least 20 minute (the others were just as slow...I think they were having a crisis with the cash register computers).
So...if the bride-to-be likes it, I have to find someone to make it at least 6 inches shorter...I don't know if I am up to stitching on georgette and getting it to lay flat!

Keep your fingers crossed for me that the color works out so I don't have to take it back and go shopping again!


Sande said...

It's a beautiful dress...hope she approves it for you. I got a kick out of your 'medieval torture device' references. I was just trying to explain girdles and the really old 'bone corsets' to my little granddaughters this morning. Their little eyes just got really wide!

Jane Ann said...

An hour-and-a-half....damn, you're GOOD! She should love it. (If she doesn't, she should be so cursed as to be a mother-of-the-groom herself someday.) Don't forget to post pictures of the event for us!

Rian said...

I think it's beautiful! I hope it passes muster with the bride. Well, it's not like you have to match the table napkins, ya know. Ah, how well I remember that torture device from my stepdaughter's wedding. An hour and a half? Jeez...and you probably don't have to get it altered, either. Have a wonderful time.

Suze said...

Altered - no...but I DO have to have it shortened - a lot!...I am only 5'4" , wearing flats and the thing looks like it would be ok on a 6' tall girl wearing heels... drags on the floor! I might have them take the straps up a bit too...though I need to try it on again and check.

I just hope it doesn't clash horribly with the color of the bridesmaids dresses..

debraspincic said...

That's probably a record in someone's book for the fastest mother of the groom shopping trip!

We do want pictures of the Real Event!

Granny Fran said...

What a pretty dress, and I love that color. Got a good laugh about your medevil torture devices.

Jules said...

It is a beautiful dress. I hope the color does not clash. Couldn't they just put you on the opposite side of the picture from the bridesmaids if it does?