Monday, October 30, 2006

Heart's Garden

After I got bitten by the quilting bug lo these 4ish years ago now and came down with a severe case of quiltpox (quite incurable, yanno) my Dear Mamma asked me if I would like to make quilts for both my sister and me out of the scraps of materials she had saved from the clothes she made for us while we were growing up. Such a treat! I finished the one for my sister a while ago and started in on the one for me.
Here are some pix of the one for my sister:

On mine, the front is appliqued hearts and to use up some of the material (the scraps fill one of those flip top plastic buckets and that's AFTER making the one for my sister!!) I am making a scrappy strip block...but as every quilter knows, even if you cut up the fabric into little pieces (mine are 9 x 2.5 inch strips), you can't get rid of it all!!! Scraps, when left touching in the scrap box, breed in the dark and there just seems to be more and More and MORE of them every time you look in the box!!!

For this backing I need 56 8.5 inch squares which get cut into two and sewn back together into 28 10.5 inch blocks....I have cut almost half of the squares and have not even made a significant dent in the stack of fabric...
Here's the setting of the front:


Jane Ann said...

What great quilts! I'm saving scraps from the dresses I make my DGD, and at age 4 I can see I too will have more than enough for a quilt by the time she won't want me to sew for her any more.

Sande said...

Those hearts are beautiful set on that white background. I haven't been quilting long enough to have a lot of scraps but they do add up quickly. You surely are putting them to good use!

Frederique said...

So good use for scraps! Yours hearts are very beautiful.

Gerry said...

I agree, the hearts are beautiful. The center arrangement is very nice!

Anonymous said...

How cool that your Mom saved things! My mother was a minimalist. Never saved a thing.
Maybe that's what makes me such a pack rat!

THe quilts are great! Lucky you caught the pox!

debraspincic said...

I don't have any scraps either which is a pity since my mom made very involved cotton dresses for me when I was little. I did save a few scraps of maternity clothes and used a piece on my son's memorial quilt. Boy, it was hard cutting into that piece of fabric.

Both of your quilts are very individual and lovely!

Virginia said...

Your quilts are lovely!
You have a great idea placing all those hearts! I like it!

thank you for sharing!