Friday, November 24, 2006

No Cooking, No Dishes...No Leftovers

Because I have been sick (still am by the by), instead of going to the family get-together at my sister's place like we normally do, we went out for dinner at a local casino's buffet - they put on a terrific spread. No cooking, no dishes...but no leftovers either -which is either good if you tend to pig out on leftovers the next day or bad if you really wanted another taste! I tried not to breathe on anyone and luckily we had a table away from groups.
They had some interesting additions to the traditional menu - pumpkin soup which was very delicious, pumpkin napoleons - also quite tasty, salmon encrusted with ground up pumpkin seeds, and prime rib. But some stuff we have at the family get-together, I really missed - the angel eggs, the mincemeat cookies, the corn pudding...and most of all, the family.


QuiltingFitzy said...

I hear you! We went to Stuart Andersons for all you can eat turkey dinner! People were ordering up a second plateful so they could take home leftovers, but we declined.

I too missed family but creating new memories ain't bad either.

Rian said...

We went out one year when we had Jim's mom with us, just the 3 of us. It was nice because I got to eat prime rib instead of turkey, but I missed the traditional meal and the camraderie that goes with family get-togethers.

What are angel eggs?

Get well soon!

Scrapmaker said...

We have a family of hummingbirds living in our yard, we see them all the time. I haven't decided what kind they are, but the males are that bright green with a spot of red. It IS a thrill when they take a little shower while you are watering. I love seeing them any time. Jen