Tuesday, July 24, 2007

How I Spent My Lunch Hour...

...I spent it teaching Silk Ribbon Embroidery!

The craft club at work wanted a class on the ribbon embroidery and so about 10 gals from work got together in a conference room and I showed them the basics of ribbon embroidery. Like any group, there were those that 'got it' really easily and then there were the ones that had a harder time wrapping their minds around it, but in the end..I think every one was able to do most of the stitches..they left with a handout with stitch diagrams, a good sized chunk of wool to embroider on, a needle and some extra ribbon to do some more practicing. I had a white board available for this class since its a standard conference room and that seemed to make it easier to explain the stitches...what would be even better would be a video camera trained on my hands and projected up on the wall but that would have taken a bit more arranging (I think we probably could have come up with the stuff though! I have to remember that if we do another session.)

The gal that sits in the next cube over from me REALLY REALLY wants to be able to master that spiderweb rose...I may end up doing some private tutoring over the next few weeks!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Twinkle, Twinkle

I finally finished my 12 x 12 x 4 Challenge piece that was supposed to be done by April!!! (Better late than UFO, I say!)

This is a 12 inch circle. The pattern is 'Seven Sisters' - a variant of the 'Baby Blocks' or 'Tumbling Blocks' patterns. There are only two pieces of each of the colored fabrics..I used one in the stars, and one in the border.

Hand pieced with yummy wool batting and hand quilted with gold thread. Beaded with gold and iridescent beads.
This was a joyful quiltlet to work on..the colors are cheerful and just looking at it makes me happy. I was a bit surprised at how long it actually took me to finish it..but it looks just as I imagined so it was worth the effort.

It's Been A While...

but..I have been REALLY, REALLY busy at work...hopefully it will slow down in a few days and I can catch my breath!

Last weekend I went on the Southern California Quilter's Run...a pretty much annual event for the group of quilters I hang out with...Most of us either used to work together or still do, a one lady used to go square dancing with the lady that does the organizing and we were introduced to a friend of hers from church this year.

34 shops, 900 miles, 7 ladies, hundreds of dollars and all that in only 2 days!!!
It was kinda close for the last couple of stores...we short changed them a bit - we had to run in, get our passports stamped and boogie right back out...hopefully next year they won't be in the tail end of the second day and we can visit longer. There was one I want to go back to and probably will as its close to family.

I have a stack of 4 inch fabric charms - each store gave us a packet of at least 4 squares..sometimes more...and three neck chains full of real pewter charms...only one charm was repeated in amongst the offerings...pretty cool. I will probably separate out the ones that are obviously quilting related and make a necklace with them..the rest may find homes on crazy quilts... or I might just make the whole thing into a bracelet...

The reason we were dashing into the last few stores was the miserable traffic on the worst freeway in the US..and probably the world...the dreaded 405 South...by the time we got to the store off that freeway (Sewing Arts Center in Santa Monica), we were pretty frazzled...and were grousing about having to go there at all...We all said "THIS had better be a terrific store!" and to our utter delight, it was! The theme of the Run was Movies and each store picked a particular movie - the store named Cotton and Chocolate had, obviously, Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (complete with Willie Wonka serving up chocolate bars!) The rest were not quite so obvious...but some of the stores really got into their themes...Sewing Arts Center picked 'Superstar' - all the employees dressed up in Catholic school outfits - even Russell...the totally crazy quilting guy that works there...He turned his skirt so the zipper was in front and said that made it a 'man skirt'..He had us laughing so hard..and it was just what we needed to revive us enough to finish the rest of the run!

We had a marvelous time!

And..least you think that was actually a couple of days off from work...nah...I had my laptop with me and remote-ed into work from the road during the drive times. They got me an AT&T phone card and it worked pretty well..there were only a few spots that did not get good reception...I got a lot done...