Tuesday, July 24, 2007

How I Spent My Lunch Hour...

...I spent it teaching Silk Ribbon Embroidery!

The craft club at work wanted a class on the ribbon embroidery and so about 10 gals from work got together in a conference room and I showed them the basics of ribbon embroidery. Like any group, there were those that 'got it' really easily and then there were the ones that had a harder time wrapping their minds around it, but in the end..I think every one was able to do most of the stitches..they left with a handout with stitch diagrams, a good sized chunk of wool to embroider on, a needle and some extra ribbon to do some more practicing. I had a white board available for this class since its a standard conference room and that seemed to make it easier to explain the stitches...what would be even better would be a video camera trained on my hands and projected up on the wall but that would have taken a bit more arranging (I think we probably could have come up with the stuff though! I have to remember that if we do another session.)

The gal that sits in the next cube over from me REALLY REALLY wants to be able to master that spiderweb rose...I may end up doing some private tutoring over the next few weeks!


Rian said...

Suze, I think you're ready for prime time. The lunch hour sessions will be good practice for when you hit the teaching circuit.

Twinkle Twinkle is lovely. The colors are so vibrant. Well done.

Deb H said...

Where've you been girl? You are missed!