Sunday, January 27, 2008

Road To California Report

I did not have as much time at the show this year due to having to work...the Progect Manager is kind of a Nervous Nelly and wants everyone to be there every I only got to take a couple of evening classes...but the ones I did take were facinating.

First class was a minature landscape done with curved piecing..the technique is very easy...and the results very lovely. I did mine with batiks..have wanted to do a batik landscape for several years and have been collecting the fabrics...just needed that kick in the rear to actually accomplish it!

Here is the one I did - it needs its borders and I want to figure out how to add a birch tree on the left side before I finish it off..I am planning on adding some beading and embroidery to it:

and here is the one that my friend did - before trimming:

The other class was on exploring the techniques to using Shiva Paintstiks. A couple of things surprised me - first, the paint has a very definate odor..which I did not notice in the classroom...but only after getting the pieces home...and secondly, the brightness of the paints seem to fade quite a bit as they are have to leave them for 3 days then stick them in a hot dryer for 30 minutes to set the paint.

Here is a sample of stenciling:

Here is a sample of rubbing:

Here is a sample of torn edge:


Rian said...

Very nice landscapes! Knowing how to do curved piecing will free you!

One way to do a tree is to machine-sew (essentially free-motion embroidery with a hoop) the trunk and branches on water soluble stabilizer. You can glue it to the quilt and then add leaves or groups of leaves with fabric. When you quilt it it all gets fastened down.

kathy said...

I guess they didn't warn you about that odor. That is the paint curing. I have to throw mine outside as I am unable to cope with the smell in the house. I believe it is the linseed oil.

SandyQuilts said...

Cool work with the Shiva .... looking forward to seeing more.