Sunday, January 27, 2008

Walking in this World - Check In 1

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Check In
Morning Pages..did em every day but one...some days it's just a Morning Page though!
Artist Date...wandering thru Henry's and getting something for dinner that I usually would not...hummus and low carb pitas...
Walk...DH and I walked one evening during the rain...we walked in a covered parking structure and listened to the pounding rain while we walked..One of my associates came with me one of the other days and we walked over to the local eateries for lunch..SoCal is looking REALLY pretty since we had that major rainstorm, so its really nice walking right now ( wouldn't be - its 40 mph winds!)
Tasks - For the "What the Hell, Might As Well" I reviewed what I listed the last time I started this process...and lo and behold a bunch of things I actually DID do! So I crossed them off the list and added more new ones to take their places...
Observations - for me, the gist of chapter 1 was to not get into thinking that you cannot DO something unless everything is just just doing small steps towards the goal, more will follow...kinda reminds me of the old saying about how to eat an bite at a time...I have to beware of this even with the tendency is not to want to go walking unless everything is 'just right''s not too cold, it's not too hot, my shoes are the right ones, it's not to late in the day..

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