Sunday, February 03, 2008

Walking in this World - Week 4 Checkin

I continue to be super busy at work..I spent over 70 hours at work...hopefully next week will be alot less....the data for the conversion is looking better, only a few wrinkles left!

This week was about discovering a sense of adventure...and boy howdy, did I have an adventure this week - this is my 'Artist Date' for the week! The finance manager took a small group of us out for dinner to thank us for our hard work. We went to a sushi bar! I have never been to one...and promised myself that I would at least TRY some of all of the items that they ordered...They were a little surprised I could use chopsticks since the group of them had never seen me eat oriental food..I learned a long time ago and actually am pretty good with the sticks! (I forgot to take my camera so these pictures are off the web and not actually of our dinner..but representative of the dishes we ate.)
Edamame - this is one of my favorite veggies!

We got most of our orders sashimi style - meaning no rice...
These are representative on some of the items ordered:

we had fatty tuna (ok), octopus(interesting), eel (smoked and tasty), shrimp (any shrimp I eat will be cooked from now on!)...the shrimp heads were deep fried tempura style...and tasted pretty good! They are very crunchy!

This is sea was tasty too...I have heard you either really like sea urchin or you hate it...I would eat it again:

This was my favorite of the sashimi dishes - yellowtail! Yummy....

But my very favorite dish of the evening was the plate of sweet potato tempura that they ordered for me!

Morning Pages - did them each day..I did have to force myself to do them though this week.
Walk - went for several walks in the little park beside does help to clear my head. SoCal was very pretty for most of the week (it's raining again today though!)
Exercises - did not find time to get a new little sketch pad..but did pull out the sketch book I already have and added a couple of sketches...wasn't really able to carry it around as the excercise asked..maybe will try that later...