Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Put Another Candle on My Birthday Cake...

Had a late lunch with my parents and my DD on Sunday. Went out for dinner last night on my birthday to Claim Jumpers..the waiter brought me a Red Velvet cupcake with a candle...very tasty!

A couple of my presents (other than Aurora!):
A Braided Money Tree, a very old book signed by my Great Grandfather ( 1878!!),

 A lovely rose pin and a treadle charm necklace.
Also got a new shirt in turquoise and brown and a set of towels and matching bathmats..the bathroom is looking pretty spiffy!

A very good birthday!

1 comment:

Nanci said...

I love the sewing machine charm! Someone loves you enough to search far and wide for such an item.
Happy day!