Sunday, December 11, 2011

Occupying My Sewing Room

Well...I, err, didn't  get much SEWING done in my occupation of my sewing room..but I did create a glorious mess by pulling ALL of my stash out of the was several feet deep on my cutting table and my ironing board..Its gone down a bit since I folded a tray of fat quarters..but still have oodles to decide what to do with...I am in need of a different way to storing my PIGZ (Projects In Gallon Zippys)..At least 15 of them...sigh..

I did get the fabric squares for the taggie blocks picked out..and I cut several taggies..then went looking for more ribbons and that's kinda what started the avalanche...that and looking for some yardage to make some other gifts (can't say WHAT I am making as the recipient MIGHT  read this blog!)

Shall be occupying my sewing room again next weekend..Hafta get the gifts done...which means the mess has to go back into the I can use the cutting table and the ironing board!

Occupy Sewing Room


MooseStash Quilting said...

It feels so good to get organized. That is a huge start. I took a personal challenge this year to try to use up the fabrics I had on hand for projects. That was pretty darn fun, I must say. It cleared out some of my shelves. I bought a CD rack (large) from Best Buy and put all my fabrics in that. I organized my colors and can see it all. With the adjustable shelves, I've found it to be the best tool for me. It keeps those fabrics from disappearing into the darkness of the cabinet they were in .

Pieces to Love said...

I have a few PIGZ, myself and my stash has been shifted from neatly stacked in my closet to, spread out on the floor in tubs and totes. Good luck getting it all stashed back into hiding.

Bev C said...


Oh it is a great feeling to have an organised sewing room.
Happy days.