Saturday, March 24, 2012

Garden Bird, Daffodils and Birds in My Garden

The embroidery is done on the Garden Bird..on to doing the borders and getting prepped for hand quilting.

Got some daffodils the other day..they were sooo pretty...

There are at least two of these hawks that hang out around our back yard..The other day, the kitties were out in the yard for a few minutes..they heard the hawk scream..and all three of them bolted for the back door and were back inside in a flash! (smart kitties!!)

A couple of other birds that show up in our trees:

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Progress on Garden Bird

For International Quilt Day yesterday...and today...I spent most of the day watching videos from The Quilt Show..and working on the Garden Bird..He's looking pretty cool so far!

Next up..the embroidery can just see the pencil markings I have made for the stems...I need a few more colors of embroidery thread though..I can't find any grey and I think I need another greenish color.. rained and rained and the weather was wildly went from this in the early afternoon: this an hour later!

Here's a couple of shots of the ornamental Saturn Peach tree - one branch fell over but its still attached and it has more blossoms on that part of the tree than the other upright part!

And..a picture of my Tiger cat...just cuz!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Birthday Presents for DGD

Made a few things for DGD's fifth birthday...

A Tooth Fairy Pillow - DGD hasn't lost a tooth yet..and from what I hear, is kinda not so sure about the whole loosing a tooth thing..thought this might help her out a bit (I did check it out with her Mom to find out if the Tooth Fairy was going to be stopping at her house when DGD lost a tooth).

The pattern is by Two Blonde Mice..saying is:

in this pouch you will find
a teeny tiny tooth of mine
so while i sleep and dreams parade
can we do a little trade?

I used a piece of horse fabric - it might have been for a shirt for my Sis, but I don't remember the shirt - I found the fabric in with the stuff my Mom saved that I made the Heart's Garden quilt out of - only had two strips of I had to piece the back..and there is almost nothing left!

A snack mat..made from a block that I got from the AZ Retreat..don't know whose bag of scraps it was in, but thought it was really cute!

Sponge balls - got this idea off Pinterest..went to the Dollar Tree and got several packages of sponges..the hard dry cellulose ones just don't case you want to try these! Fortunately, I got a pack of 10 of the foam sponges..and they work a treat..cut each sponge into thirds with a scissor, stack up three sponges worth, tie with some cotton crochet yarn - I think I cut around 10 inches..use a couple of surgeon's knots to keep it from coming undone, turning and knotting it several times..Fluff out the ball and in less than 10 minutes, you have 3 soft balls that can be thrown in the house or used in the bathtub..

 Will be going to her party in the afternoon...

Saturday, March 03, 2012


inside of Disneyland...My family had quite the adventure today..

Ya see..its the DGD's 5th birthday..and to celebrate, we took her to least..that was the plan!!

DH and I got there at 7:30 the tickets and since DS and company were not quite there yet at 8:00 when they opened, we entered the park..DS called a few minutes later saying they were in the parking structure...and then a few minutes later that they were on the were standing near the gates to hand them their tickets when one of the cast members came and said we had to go past the train tunnels into Disneyland..."A security Incident"...somewhere in the esplanade between Disneyland and California Adventure..eeppp!!

They stopped letting people in!!! And we could not get out..How's that for an adventure..STUCK INSIDE and company were not let in until after 11...turns out a really, really STUPID person stuck a suspicious rolled up 'spiritual message' in a tree...LA Times Article about Disney Closure

While we were waiting for them to decide if they were going to let folks back in, DH and I tromped all over Disneyland..getting right on to any ride..if we didn't have folks waiting on the outside and if we weren't freaked by not being ABLE to get out..we would have had a great time...

So after 11..the masses POURED into Disneyland..we met up with the grandkid..had a very expensive lunch at the Blue Bayou (the chef made us filet mignon with green beans with mushrooms and steamed spinach)...we lasted til 5 ish..and DH and I just had to leave cuz our feet were hamburger...The younger folks are still there...