Monday, December 28, 2015

Doodled Hexagons

I saw a series of posts on Jill Buckley's blog where she talks about her adventures in doodling and painting hexagons - I decided to try out this technique...using Inktense pencils and an ultra fine Sharpie on muslin...

(I will be adding the blue outer edge later...)

Here is my foray into this fascinating art form! (click on the link to go to the Photobucket album)
Doodled Hexagons

Couple of lessons learned:
 1. Wash the muslin before painting with water! Why this escaped me, I have no clue...the hexies shrank a wee bit...just enough to be annoying.

 2. Large blobs of water, when hit with an iron, make ghost shadows...blot before you iron, or wait til the piece dries... 

Over all, I like how my doodled hexagons turned out...and though its time-consuming, I could see doing this technique for a very special quilt...

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Quilt Rat said...

WOW! Just found the comment you left for me so I am just seeing this post now. LOVE that you designed your own and experimented with the technique (it really is the best way to learn)
Your rosette is terrific!..I hope your visitors will click the link you provided showing the steps you took during your process...great photos!!!! Isn't it fun to see all the alternate designs that can be done with fairly simple designs? ... I did see those frog legs ;-) Hope you enjoyed the process!