Sunday, January 15, 2006

Artist's Way Check In - Week 8

Chapter 8 Link

I did not get a sense that this chapter was about time...To me it was about going forward, regardless of whatever else happened in the past and what is happening currently. A couple of the statements stood out -

  • "In order to catch the ball, you have to want to catch the ball" - John Cassavetes

  • "...ask the right question:'What next?' instead of 'Why me?'"

  • "Creativity requires activity, and this is not good news to most of us. It makes us responsible. And we tend to hate that...Most of us hate to do something when we can obsess about something else instead. One of our favorite things to do - instead of our art - is to contemplate the odds..As a rule of thumb, the odds are what we use to procrastinate about doing what comes next."

What I got out of the chapter is 'Do something everyday towards your art, even if its just a small something'.

3. Color Schemes...
I am Green. I am a quiet forest, new mown grass, crispy Granny Smith apples, new dollar bills, Christmas trees, moss, jade, ivy, emeralds and old copper.
I have green pants, green shirts, green sweaters, green sox...And yes...I do have a LOT of green in my house - every room has some green in it, my dishes have green stripes, my dishtowels and kitchen rugs are green, the entry rug is green, the pillows on the sofa are green, the tablecloth on the dining table is green...Fortunately, its DH's favorite color too!

Check In:
1. Did morning pages 7/7 this week.
2. Artist's date to the folk music store described in a different post below. It was very interesting to go to an area that I have wanted to explore for a long time.
3. Syncronicity - yup...Needed to work on my Journal Quilt page and Charter Cable helped by blowing a fuse somewhere so I wouldn't have an excuse not to work on it.
4. Interestingly...This process is starting rub off on DH a bit by osmosis...We got to talking about some of the lessons and he got fired up about an idea he wanted to explore...Rah!

Next week's Artist Date is gonna be a BIG one - I am taking classes at the Road To California Quilt Show...I expect to be thoroughly fired up and raring to go by the time Sunday rolls around..May not have a lot of time for my tasks though...Have to see how much I can cram in before Wednesday. All my tools and supplies are packed, Zelda is ready and all I have to do is remember to take the camera and my lunch (food is dreadfully expensive there) and I am ready to rock-n-roll! Whee!!!


Jane Ann said...

I agree that despite early billing, the chapter wasn't really about time.

"Creativity requires activity, and this is not good news to most of us. It makes us responsible. And we tend to hate that...Most of us hate to do something when we can obsess about something else instead."

The irony of that statement is that some of us feel we're putting off the creative activity we wish to pursue, so that we can "obsess" about how battered we are as artists!

I too love green--second to red (my house looks like Christmas year 'round). But I was struck when I read that it's your husband's favorite color too, because when I was a professional interior designer, it was amazing how many people would tell me they didn't like green--and how often a large part of the job would end up being green! I think people just THINK they don't like it, but it's such a nature color there is an automatic attraction to it.

cathy said...

Your Road to California artist date sounds wonderful. I think it's worth a couple of artist dates at least.

Scrapmaker said...

Hi Suze,
I'm not in Artist's Way group, but I am in the Journal Quilt group. I will be at Road to California also. Email if you want to try and connect, I'll send you my cell number. Who knows, we might even end up in the same "artsy" class. Jen