Sunday, January 08, 2006

Bad Santa Mom

As I was putting away the Christmas stuff today, I remembered a funny incident that happened when we had our Christmas Party this year...I still fill stockings for my adult children...its a convient place to put 'little stuff'. My DD(23) this year, after she dragged all the stuff out of her stocking said to me in an exasperated voice..."MA, you FORGOT the tangerine and the penny...and NO NEW TOOTHBRUSH or pack of gum either! Its TRADITION!!!" Well I guess I've been told, eh? I gotta put that on the list for next year so I don't forget and be a bad Santa Mom again. (Kids...sheesh!)


Jane Ann said...

Kids! They're our worst critics. When I was a little girl my grandfather used to give us those Life Saver "books" (which were a lot cuter and more clever 50 years ago). I started putting them in my kids' stockings as a sentimental gesture of my own. When they were in their 20's one year I just couldn't find any so I didn't bother. On Christmas Eve something was said about Santa probably not bringing the Life Saver books that year, and you'd have thought I committed a crime. Need I say I was out tearing up the stores on Christmas Eve looking for those dumb boxes (which are now filled with yucky flavors anyway, instead of all the good flavors of my youth!)? When one of them got married, I even got him one too. This year I forgot but no one noticed. We're all getting old, I guess.

Suze said...

And its not like she ever ATE the danged tangerine!!! I am thinking next years stocking might just consist of several tangerines, several toothbrushes, several packs of gum and a couple of shiney new pennies and THATS IT! Whadda ya think?

Jane Ann said...

Well, it would save you having to think of it again for the next few years--sort of paying it forward. Sounds like a plan to me! Eventually, you all will get like us--too old to remember it anyway! Hee hee.