Thursday, April 13, 2006

How to Disguise Ugly Fabric...

These two quilts are my entries into the 2006 Arizona Retreat Ugly Fabric Challenge.

Bad Sunbonnet Sue and the AZ Challenge Fabric
Bad Sue Does Some Target Practice (Bang)
Bad Sue Feeds Her Cat (Eww, this fabric tastes nasty)
Bad Sue Cleans Up (What a mess...I'm glad I have THIS fabric to clean up with!)
Bad Sue Has A Fabric Roast (Snap! Crackle! Pop!)
Bad Sue Gets Into The Chicken Coop (Oh No...She's making me nest in THAT fabric. My chicks will go blind!)
Bad Sue Slashes Away (Snippety-Snip-Snip-Snip)
Bad Pirate Sue Gives Her Prisoners A Bad Choice (Wear the dress or... walk the plank - NO! I'd rather jump than wear THAT dress...)

This quilt was inspired by Shelley’s (Pirate) ‘comments’ about the Challenge Fabric that Ami (SewingUpAStorm) supplied for the 2006 Arizona Retreat…Bad Sunbonnet Sue does all those bad things Shelley wanted to do to the fabric!

Designed and Quilted by Suze (Casuzen)
January 2006

Escape Velocity
Adapted from the 'Summer Breeze' pattern by Annette Rose


Deb H said...

How FUNNY! I love it! I never was a bif SBS fan, but Bad Sue (That'd be BS wouldn't it!), now HER I LIKE!
Great Job!

Granny Fran said...

Bad Sue is so cute and Escape Velocity is wonderful! That ugly fabric must have really inspired you.

Kay said...

I love the Bad Sue quilt. Like deb h, I really don't care for SBS at all, and this is perfect. Funny, I have had a sort of imitation Sue in the back of my mind, but it will probably never happen, so I really enjoy yours.