Saturday, April 01, 2006

Signs of Spring

It's starting to look like spring!
This is my Saturn peach starting to bloom. Normally this tree blooms in February and has fuzzy little green peaches and lots of leaves by now.

I saw this red-headed, red-breasted bird sitting in my apricot tree. There were actually two pairs of birds, the males with red and the females were much duller with kind of a yellowish tinge. I had to look them up on the web and found they are House Finches and the red color comes from their diet.


quiltnbee said...

Yes, my trees are just starting to leaf around here (So CA)and have only had one fruit tree with blossoms so far...weird winter/spring...those house finches are a riot! I have them almost exclusively on my feeders, along with the darling gold finches. Put out niger/thistle seed and you'll have a circus of little yellow birds at your house! I'm pretty sure I saw a western bluebird on Sat...exciting!Happy Spring!

Granny Fran said...

Those peach blossoms are so beautiful, the blossoms here won't be out for a few weeks yet. Even then, the blossoms freeze about three out of every five years. I love the little house finches, the males sing so pretty in the Spring. They say it is to declare their territory but it is so pretty I like to think of them as courting songs.

Rian said...

Our neighbor's plum is just starting to bloom--it is so beautiful in the spring. This would be a good year to take a drive up to Lancaster to see the wildflowers.

We have a pair of those birds just like in your picture nesting by our front door.