Monday, September 11, 2006

Answers to "What's that Lurking in My Kitchen Drawer"

1. Wavy French fry cutter - unused - making French fries at home is a major pain the the backside anyway and potatoes are off the low carb list

2. Fizz keeper for liter bottles - tried it once...but we drink up liter bottles so fast the soda does not have time to go flat anyway

3. Collapsible funnel - got this at the dollar store...nifty, but unused - I just don't have that many things to funnel...but I will use this one some day, I promise!

4. Opa's Antique German beer warmer - why its in my tool drawer instead of in my Opa's beer stein which I inherited, I do not know! Probably would make a nifty place to store waterproof matches

5. Cut and seal to make turnovers - useless - its supposed to make cute little filled sandwiches too, but that does a major waste on the bread slices

6. Honey dipper - also useless...honey usually comes in squirt bottles now and for a low carb family even that's off the list

7. Boil over prevention disk - unused...every time I boil something that could use it, I forget I have the thing

8. Mixer from a bar set - we don't drink so I use it to whisk small amounts

9. Tuna can drainer - worse than useless, makes a mess and then you have an extra thing to wash to idea why I keep it around..the can lid works MUCH bettter!

I think I need to send some of these things to the Goodwill!

1 comment:

Rian said...


4. A beer warmer!? Now I've heard everything.

8. Ah, something from the cocktail wonder I thought looked familiar!

I have taken to buying frozen wavy French fries, not that I ever eat them mind you, we try to do low carb too.

Now that tuna comes in a pouch, I see cans becoming obsolete.

I thought it would be fun to join the fray but I didn't have a single unusual thing in my drawer except a garlic peeler that looks like a rubber cannoli.