Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Crazy Heart

I also did some crazy quilting during September. In a number of blogs that I follow, I kept seeing these really cool crazy quilt hearts. Seemed like an interesting shape for a crazy quilt block...so I tried one too!
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This is the first cut at the heart...I looked at it for a few days and decided it needed more pieces and seams...
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So...I added some more! This is after adding a couple more pieces of fabric and deciding what pieces of lace to use.
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This is the completed heart. Some of the seam treatments were from the 100 Details that are being shown on sharonb's InAMinuteAgo blog...some are just what I thought looked like it belonged. My favorite is the caston flowers...those were cool to make!

I decided I will applique it to a background, sandwich and quilt around it and make a wall hanging...I need some help deciding which of the following backgrounds looks the best:
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By the by, most of the fabrics for this heart came from a lady on the About.com Quilting forum who was moving last month and wanted to get rid of some 'fancy scraps'...I decided to stick with mostly the fabrics that she sent me - the only extra is the coppery colored lame'.


seoulsisterstevens said...

I did a search and found your blog. Are you in the chain of hearts group?

Your heart is beautiful-

Rian said...

I love these hearts!

I guess I like the red one best, followed by green. The yellow doesn't do much for it.

Jo in NZ said...

Why don't you come join us at Chains of Hearts?
I like the red background, keeps within those autumn tones. If all else fail, try black!!

diva of quilts said...

the heart is wonderful! I like the red background.

Charlene said...

Well... I'm gonna be different - I like the green best. It contrasts enough to show off all the gold, but there is enough green in the heart to complement it! It is beautiful, by the way...

Brenda L. Minor said...

Love your work on the heart. And I vote "no" on the red background! But it looks like I'm alone it that opinion! lol... And I think it's a toss up between the other two. But I think Charlene might be right about the green... I can't wait to find out which way you go!! Thanks for sharing it with us all. Brenda M.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work. I love it. I always find it so fascinating the change in the block as embellishments are added. You are doing great.


Susan said...

I like the green best - it brings out the bit of green in your heart and stitching. All my life, I've picked one color from the main fabric - a color that isn't a big deal, and put it with the main fabric. It always makes the pieces pop out, bringing out that color that was lurking.