Monday, September 04, 2006


Another interesting thing (at least to me!) was I got together with my sister for a little one-on-one time. We figured out that the last time we did this, she was 17! In between, we have of course seen each other, but at family gatherings, mostly with the kids (between us we have 7). They are all grown and out of the house now-she's a grandma with 4 grandkids and another on the way....
We went to a flea market. Here are some of the treasures I found:

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A cool embroidered purse, a fat squirrel to add to my largish collection of squirrels and chipmunks (been collecting since I was a kid), a handpainted jar from Thailand, a silk sarong from Tahiti (the top is too small for me so its going to get turned into silk ribbons!), a silk blouse that needs a bit of ribbon embroidery on the button placket (or it may get turned into ribbons too) and a baby book that any quilter would adore - for whenever my first grandkid shows up...whenever that may be! I also got a large brass hat and coat stand that my DH was looking for. Fortunately, it comes apart otherwise it would not have fit in my small car!

I don't have pictures of what my Sis bought - but she got a purse too - brand new with fish on it, a ceramic hedgehog (she collects small figurines and did not have a hedgehog) and a black stuffed crow for her DH who loves crows. One other thing I bought was a pair of fish earrings - thought about using them on a crazy quilt but they went with her fish purse sooooo well that I gave them to her!

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This is my box of ribbons, laces and braids. Some of them I got at the flea market, some of them at a quilt shop, but most of them came from sending away to Wright's for their 'doll pack' of ribbons and laces - which came during August. I got a huge bag for $4 bucks - most of the pieces were well over a yard and I think there were at least a dozen pieces-I probably will never use up all of them! Some are very good for crazy quilting, some I will need to use a bit of imagination to figure out what to do with them! The lace on the cards is marked as 'vintage' and there is lots of it (and no - I did not pay $10 bucks). I think I will experiment with dyeing some chunks of the laces.

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