Sunday, September 10, 2006

What's that Lurking in My Kitchen Drawer?

Someone spilled something in the kitchen tool drawer (we aren't naming names here but there are only two of us and I didn't do it!) so I had to drag the contents out for a washing... Needed doing anyway since most of the stuff was dusty in addition to having something sticky on them. I don't do much fancy cooking during the summer - its just TOO DANGED HOT to get into recipes that require standing over a hot stove when your house AC does not work. Bring on the winter chill so I can cook again!
Anyway...I found some stuff in the drawer that intrigued me (probably why I acquired the items in the first place!). So, can you identify all these objects?*

*answers posted later...


Rian said...

My you do have some unusual gadgets. My drawer is nowhere near as interesting as yours.

1. Thing to cut wavy slices
2. Keeps the fizz in an open can, or maybe it opens a screw cap.
3. Collapsible funnel
4. Thermometer--oil or candy
5. I think that goes in the bottom of a pan of boiling water when cooking eggs?
6. Honey dripper
7. No idea--tuna can drainer?
8. No idea*
9. Tuna can drainer

I have seen that #8 before but for the life of me I can't remember what it's for.

That was fun. What do I win?

Suze said... got 5 of 'em right!
I am going to give it a day or two to see if anyone else wants to play and then I will post the answers...

May Britt said...

Have to try LOL Even if I have trouble finding the english name on it LOL

1. cutting cheese. looks like one of the knifes I have in my drawer
2. no idea
3. funnel
4. thermometer
5. look like a bell on a bike LOL
but what does that in your kithendrawer
6. to put honey in the tee. My DD uses it all the time
7. a lock for something
8 blenders. To use when you mix pancaces
9 to use when putting icing sugar on top of a cake

QuiltingFitzy said...

OK, I'll try...
1)Decorative slicer
2)Knob from a hand-operated can-opener
4)candy thermometer
5)pan-lid steam vent
6)Honey Dipper
7)Percolator basket lid
8)Somekindawhipperupperthing, dang
9)Tuna/fruit can drainer

debraspincic said...

I have a big sign in my breakfast room that says, "I Kiss Better than I Cook". There's a reason for that! (I could only identify about 3 of those gizmos!)