Saturday, October 14, 2006

and the Bride Wore Sneakers...

It was a lovely wedding. The anti-rain dances, the good weather thoughts, my umbrella bags and everyone bringing an umbrella or raincoat warded off the least where the wedding and reception were held! As we were leaving home and getting onto the freeway, a lovely rainbow appeared and the end of the rainbow was right over DS's house!

We had a few 'wardrobe malfunctions' - a button came off DS's tux - I sewed it back on, and the zipper on the Bride's dress refused to they sewed her into the dress! Almost had a wedding malfunction - the minister forgot or was not told he had a wedding at he was a few minutes late (actually a blessing in disguise! DD was running a few minutes late - she had the furthest to come and one of our ickiest freeways to navigate.) Backup plan would have had the organist, who is an ordained minister also, do the service but then we would not have had music! A couple of pairs of shoes got left behind - one of the bridesmaids and one of the flower girls (the shoes were in the same bag)...the bridesmaid's sister loaned her shoes and went barefoot (actually stocking foot!) and the flower girl went barefoot too...with her, you could not tell as she was wearing dark tights.

The Bride looked like a Renaissance Princess...but to be comfy, she wore white sneakers with sparkley silver trim!

I curled my hair and left the house without combing the curls...figured they would stay in better if I waited to comb them out at the church...when I got there, everyone said to LEAVE THEM ALONE as the curls looked pretty just as's how I went to the wedding! It did look better than the combed out job I had done for the rehearsal. They got droopier and droopier as the day went on...but I still have some curl and its more than 12 hours later! Medieval torture device did its job but by the end of the reception I was more than READY to ditch it - it got a little twisted and started poking!

I got a lot of people to sign squares - I have 21 of them - mostly couples or families. Only one of the children was interested in creating a square - the oldest of the flower girls - she did two - the first one she drew on the wrong side (it's such a cute drawing that I think I will trace it). On to making the wedding quilt!

Two sad things happened (that's life, I suppose) - the Bride's grandma had a minor stroke early in the morning and could not attend - I hope she is ok. I got to meet her at the rehearsal dinner and she is a lovely lady (blind, but knits up a storm - she had her knitting bag with her and was clicking away in the back of the church). And at the reception, my Auntie fell off the edge of the sunken living room and sprained not one ankle, but both of them(!) is less so than the other so she can kinda hobble, but my parents ended up leaving early to take her to the emergency room...sigh...

Here's some pictures:

Outside of the Church - you can see the clouds!

Inside the Church
The start of the wedding...That's DH and me leading off the procession.

The Unity candle ceremony.
The New Mr and Mrs!


debraspincic said...

Ahh! Sounds like everything turned out fine! Glad the weather held off too. Handsome couple--does the bride look bubbly or what?

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Now you can sit back and relax. What a lovely couple!

Anonymous said...

Aww, how sweet. Thank you so much for sharing. You look smashing in that dress, and the ringlets were right on! Very cute couple. The rainbow--what a great punctuation.

The icky freeway--would that be the 91?

Jane Ann said...

Thanks so much for sharing the event with us. I LOVE weddings! You look wonderful and such a handsome son--and the bride DOES look radiant.

Now, what I already knew and couldn't say for fear of cursing the day, is that the sun ALWAYS shines on a wedding. It's amazing. I knew it would be beautiful. And they even had the blessing of a rainbow. Well done.

Granny Fran said...

What a lovely wedding and you look great in the dress and ringlets. Greater love hath no mother...
That is such a picturesque church for a wedding.

Deb H said...

Looks like a beautiful wedding.& hitches were small. I'll bet you're relieved it's all over.

At my DD's wedding the tux rental gave them the wrong tuxes. The groom's mother altered his tux by stapeling it up to make it smaller. I wonder what the other wedding party did, that got tuxes too small!

ps check your email!

Jules said...

I am so glad everything worked out. You look great. Love the hair and the dress.

I saw the picture of the proposed quilt on the forum. It looks great, too!