Sunday, November 19, 2006

More Meme Stuff..."Those Were The Days"

The things I do to amuse myself...sigh.

What was your first childhood pet?
A big tomcat named Tom is the first one I can remember. He has the dubious honor of being the cat that snuck in while we were looking elsewhere, jumped up on the counter and started gnawing on the salmon that was supposed to be for our dinner...I think we ended up with grilled cheese sandwiches instead.
What was your favorite comic?
Calvin and Hobbes. Current fave is Dilbert.
What was your favorite childhood book?
Oh...I read too much to have just one favorite! I loved going to the library!
Did you ever have an imaginary friend as a child?
I don't think least not one that I recall. I had a very good imagination though.
Did you play an instrument as a child?
Flute and guitar. Baritone saxophone in High School - they needed a bass section and the fingering was close to the flute fingering, so I volunteered. It was a pain marching with that 65 pound monstrosity...I named it 'Herr Baron Ludwig von Foghorne' and used a drummer's strap that goes across the body to keep it from strangling me - normally saxophones are suspended from the neck! It stretched over my head to below my knees. Still have the flute and guitar. Have my grandmother's C-Sax somewhere in the garage. I actually play the flute better now than when I was in high school.
What was the first hit single record you bought?
No idea. My sis and I didn't go much for single records. I remember getting the Monkee's album though.
What tune sums up teenage summers?
'The Summer Smiles'
What was first pop concert you went to?
I think 'Jesus Christ, Superstar' is as close to a pop concert as I have gotten. Saw it at the Greek Theater in Hollywood. If I went to any other ones, they don't stand out enough to remember.
Fave teenage TV program?
Dark Shadows!
Were you a naughty or a good girl at school?
Mostly good. I did get in trouble occasionally though... once when a tyrant of a little boy started teasing me unmercilessly about a boil I had on my leg...I went after him with a jumprope...that got me called into the Principal's office with my mom...and another time when we were in band in Elementary school - the band practice was at the Junior High, about 5 miles from the Elementary school, a couple of hours earlier than the Elementary school started...The teacher did not show I got the bright idea to walk to the Elementary school and convinced the rest of the kids - probably 20 or so - to go with me - I knew how to get there! We walked in the train track ditch - no tracks - there hadn't been a train in there in many a year. But since it was a ditch, we could not be seen either! Normally, after practice, we were bussed back to the Elementary school. The schools both panicked when neither one knew where we were! We did get to the Elementary school just as it started the morning session... But I almost got paddled for that one.
Miss Popularity, Artsy Pants, weirdo or geek, which of these groups classify you at secondary[high] school?
I was a Band Freak and very bookish...not popular. Though I did hang out with an improv group (see prior meme) but most of us were Band Freaks...
Girl most likely to [as in year book]?
I dunno what they thought of me...mostly I ignored their opinions of me!
What color did you paint your bedroom as a teenager?
Walls were was a rental. We had a pink rug and pink flowered bedspreads and curtains.
Very first paid job ever?
Babysitting. It was the first time I ever was around 'naughty' children - my younger sister was the only kid I really knew well and she was not that kind of kid!...there were 4 of them and only one of of the instigators finally wore herself down and fell asleep in one of the door ways...I covered her with an afghan but left her there...I sure was NOT going to try to pick her up (she was too big for me to pick up anyway) or wake her up to get her into a bed! But the parents thought that was not the right thing to they never hired me again. I could not WAIT til they got home. It was one of the most horrible experiences of my life! I don't remember ever doing any other babysitting either, except for occasionally staying with my sis.
Have you ever been really drunk?
Did you smoke dope? and if so did you do a Bill Clinton [ smoking but not inhaling]?
A stupid thing you did?
I was one of 21 people stuffed in a Volkswagen Bug and the guy actually drove it with it that crammed...
Left handed or right handed?
Right. Though I can do most things left-handed too, including writing, drawing and eating. Learned to shoot a bow left handed - turns out I am left-eyed so shooting works better that way anyway.
Should you play a board game with me?
Yeah...but I won't play chess with you! Chess makes me incredibly nervous - I get panic attacks playing it.
If you came to visit me what would we do?
It would probably involve crafts or quilting or scenery works for me too.

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