Tuesday, February 06, 2007


This is the charm we made in the Craft Club today at work. It was the first time I had used 'hatpins' to attach beads. Managed to rip one of the beads off as it was dangling from my purse (it's supposed to be dangling from my purse!) so I had to try to fix it at home...but the danged needle-nose pliers have gone missing! So...it's gonna stay home, looking cute, until I can find the pliers or buy new ones.

The Arizona Retreat went exceptionally well! We had SOOOO much fun. Lots of laughter, lots of sewing, lots of inspiration from the other quilters...and many memories!

Here is my Challenge piece - it did not win any prizes, but WAS the only one that was made entirely from the challenge fabric!

Here we are in the retreat room during my ribbon embroidery class. I had seven students...and it was so cool to hear the squeals of delight when they 'got it'!

And..here I am during my 'Show and Tell', demonstrating my lovely tiara (doing a 'princess wave') and wearing my new ribbon embroidered vest. That's my retreat spot there in the left side of the picture and behind me are the pressing stations.


Debra Spincic said...

Looks like some quilty good fun!

Rian said...

Hiya right back, Suze! Love the diamond tiara! Sounds like a great time.

DubiQuilts - Debbi said...

Your charm is very cute. Love your Challenge piece, the design and colors are great!

sophie said...

I so want to come to the Phoenix retreat one of these years ... maybe I should start bribing the organizers now to put me on the list for next year ;-)

Ps. I recently bought a headlight that is even geekier than yours--it has a third strap that goes over your head from front to back. I thought I might want to use it for biking, too, and this one will work with a bike helmut.