Saturday, February 24, 2007

Lily's Pad

As promised, here are some pictures of what I have been working on. A bit of backstory first: Any day now, my very first DGD will arrive. DDIL is looking rather 'ripe' and about to pop! DS and DDIL have named the baby 'Lily' (which I think is pretty darn cool as it's the translation of my first name - Susan being the English variant of the Hebrew name Shoshannah, which means Lily.) Anyway...while I was laying in bed one morning a few weeks ago, ruminating about the impending event, it struck me that a baby named Lily really aught to have a lilypad quilt...and I knew just the right fabric to make it out of - MINKEE! This was during Road to California and I knew one of the vendors had some bright green Minkee as I had seen it during my cruising thru the vendor mall areas. Unfortunately the day I decided to GET the Minkee was the day the winds were so horrible that the fire marshall closed the vendor tent..and guess where the vendor was that had the Minkee - in the no Minkee for me that day.

Fast forward two weeks to the Arizona Retreat. While on our shop hop, I saw some Minkee but not the bright green that I wanted. I DID however find THE MOST PERFECT backing fabric at one of the stores - green frogs on lilypads and I snapped that up. A piece of bright pink fleece was one of the fabrics on the sale table...that went home with me too. Once I got home, I had to hunt for the bright green Minkee...a lot of places had the mint green which is too light..but finally the bright green was located and purchased! is Lily's Pad:

Front is green Minkee. The lily is made of fleece. Its bound with spring green satin blanket binding. Quilted with varigated green thread.

And the back with the cute frogs on the lilypads:

And of course...Grammie must make other things for Baby too:

The pink stuffed toy is known as a 'Friend' (my DS was the one to name them when he was about 4). I whipped up a set of Bitty Booties using the pattern from HELLOMyNameIsHeather , a couple of white flannel bibs on which I used my 'fancy feather stitching' built into my machine for the very first time, and a stack of burpers made with flannel and fleece... I also got her a 'Boppy' pillow - which is a really cool invention - it's a horseshoe-shaped pillow that goes around Mamma's waist and helps support Baby while feeding, helps sit Baby up and can be used for 'tummy time' on a play mat...just a perfect use for the lilypad quilt!

So...I have been slaving over a hot sewing machine!

The baby shower was today (which is why I can post this now that DDIL has received the items!) We played a couple of games - the first had us totally grossed out - DDIL's sister had gotten 9 different candy bars and squished them into baby diapers and I think heated them a bit to melt the chocolate...and we had to guess which ones were which by LOOKING at them...eeewwwwwwwie...I did not do too well on this as I don't eat many candy bars and haven't for 20 years (most candy bars have corn syrup in them and being allergic to corn syrup puts the kibosh on eating them...). The other game was to guesstimate how big around DDIL's tummy is by cutting a piece of yarn the size that would fit around her. Mine was way off..DS was closer, but her Mom was right on!

It was quite amazing to see the amount of teeny clothes and other stuff this baby has now accumulated! She will not lack for binkys - I think she got at least 10 - one of which has a thermometer in it! I hope she will be able to even wear all the cute little outfits!

Lily's Pad was a big hit! The only thing Baby did not get was a tiny sweater...(I feel another project coming on)


Rian said...

Yes definitely--a new sweater is in order!

What an inspiration! To make a lily pad quilt. It's darling and you are just too darned clever! Isn't it great when an idea comes in a flash like that? I just love it when that happens.

Congratulations on becoming a gramma. It's an exciting time. I'm very happy for you.

Feeling Simply Quilty said...

Those are so cute. What lengths the gmas go for the new babies. I can't wait to become one!

Granny Fran said...

Isn't a new grandbaby a great motivation for slaving away at that hot sewing machine? Love the Lily Pad.

Samantha said...

Love Lily's Pad! how creative and adorable!