Sunday, April 22, 2007

Laundry Update

I am pretty sure it's just the belt on the dryer...I popped the top open per the instructions I found by Googling and sure enough, the belt is just hanging...Sears wants 18 bucks for the replacement...found one on eBay for 3! So..just have to wait for it to be delivered...and find a time when both of us will be home to try the repair. If it doesn't work, then I guess we get a new set...but boy, howdy..we looked at the prices and our eyes about popped right out of our heads!

Meanwhile, til the repair is effected, I hauled out my old wooden drying rack (In my panic last weekend, I did not remember I had it!) and we purchased a clothesline that we can string between the two bench swing sets on the patio for sunny days (which it hasn't been for the last few days - we actually got some rain!!!)...and a couple packages of clothes pins...I remembered my Granny used clothes pins and she had a cute little pin I made me one out of a fat quarter that I would never ever use in a quilt - I won it and its just NOT my style for quilting - old fashioned looking turquoise, red and pink umbrellas...but it made a cute pin bag (and I shall not care if it self destructs...though with my luck the thing will be around for the next 20 years).


Dorothy said...

Can we see a pic of your pin bag? I use this mesh thing that came full of baseballs for Simon. I clipped on a carabiner and it hangs right on the line (and drains if it happens to get left out in the rain.) I'd like something a little nicer, though, so I *don't* leave it out in the rain.

Rian said...

You can always use the rack for drying hand-dyed fabric! Put a piece of white fabric underneath to catch the drips and have your own Jackson Pollack dye job!

I'd love to have one of those.

Jane Ann said...

Dryers are pretty simple gadgets (it's the washers that are complex). I bet you can fix it, Suze, and if not, a new one won't cost much. Go for Whirlpool and fugeddabout matching it to a washer if you don't need one now. Maybe you'll be lucky enough not to have to buy one for another 5 years!

(Oh, and hang on to the drying rack. Besides being handy in an emergency, if it's an old all-wood one, it's now a collectable!)

Rose Marie said...

Growing up, we used to have one of these. What I wouldn't do to have one now in my sewing room to hang tops, etc.