Sunday, May 06, 2007

Cooking... Er...Make That Drying With Gas!

A brief pause for some home maintenance:

We replaced the belt on the dryer - Whoohoo! It only took about 45 minutes and a goodly chunk of that was trying to find enough chunks of wood to hold the dryer drum up so we could remove the front panel...The trickiest part was figuring out how the tensioner connected back to the bottom of the dryer - it fell off when the belt broke and the picture from the internet was not dreadfully detailed - thankfully it was not broken off! When I saw it was just laying there in the bottom, my heart kinda sank, thinking we would probably have to call the repairman after all... But...we have liftoff! Good thing too..the wind is whipping around today - way too windy to put clothes out to line dry - they would likely be found flying around in the next county if I tried!

Back to the o' grindstone...

Saturday, May 05, 2007

Working on Overtime

Sorry to be mostly absent, but I am working on a massive project at work which is requiring oodles of overtime...I will probably not be posting much or even quilting much for the next couple of months until I get the coding for this project out of the way...

Update on the friend went to the rescue location last Sunday to get our two cages of raccoons only to find out that one of the yearlings gave birth to 4 babies the night before and a bunch of the remaining raccoons had they cancelled the release entirely as they did not want to disturb the new mamma plus they did not have the medication for the shot to cure the mange on hand. The next date for release is May 13th...I have no idea what possessed them to pick Mother's Day(!) for the release date, but both my friend and I cancelled...hopefully they have enough people that cancel and will reschedule for some other date...otherwise, we shall just have to try for next year's release.