Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Road To California - Day 3

The third day was spent learning more machine quilting with Lois Smith. We experimented with free form designs, spent lots of time learning to control the speed of quilting and generally just having fun quilting. At the end of the class, we created a small triangle zipper bag out of one of the samples.

After dinner at El Pollo Loco (I had my favorite - three chicken wings!), we went to whats called 'Roundabout'..this is a facinating event...a bunch of the teachers and vendors put on 10 minute demos and every 10 minutes a bell rings, and you run to another demo..this goes on for a couple of are given a packet of info at the start of the show and list of the demos so you can decide which ones to attend..We saw soooo much..and had lots of fun..One of the demos, I was very facinated with - Silk ribbon embroidery by machine...Susan Schrempf was demo-ing her beautiful method..and I just HAD to buy the book, and the tools!
We also saw demos for
- the StarBuilder that is a set of rubbing pads for the Shiva Paintstiks - makes gorgeous star designs.
-how to make dogtooth borders
-how to make some really interesting quilts with nickle pieces and fusible grid
-some beautiful ribbon postcards
-how to do 'applique on the edge' - an interesting applique technique using bobbin work to outline the pieces
-the Great Glue Stick Caper - applique using glue sticks and small screwdrivers (more about this technique in Day 4 as the teacher is the same as my full day class) - but my friend had never seen the demo...
-how to do a piped binding
-printed kaleidescope cards using a pretty cool piece of software that makes the kaliedescopes for you that you can then print out on photo fabric sheets
-using the multi-angle Wedge ruler...

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Sewing Up A Storm said...

I love the landscape..................I need to get cracking on making one for our RR. Are you going to use that one from the class.............if so it will be awesome to work on!