Sunday, September 20, 2009

Landscape Friends Round Robin Progress

These are the Landscape Friends Round Robin pieces that I have worked on:

Kim's was round 1 for me..I added the dogwood blossoms which were made of felt rickrack, clear beads, florescent green thread and shaded with aquarelle crayons. I also did the seam treatments on the sun.

Ami's was round two for me. I added the fence, the flowers on the fence and the ruts in the road.

Kathi's is round 3 for me. I went kinda wild with adding seam treatments on this one..knowing that I was the last one and did not have to leave some for a next person...I added the antique tatted lace and braid, the starfish, the oyster stitching, the shells embroidery and the real oyster shell in the sand area. I added the blue fish, a dophin and the coral by 'broidere pierce'..added some beaded and fiber seam treatments in the ocean part.
Can't wait to see what MINE will look like when the ladies get done with it!


rianammerman said...

Fun idea! Can't wait to see yours!

Angie said...

These are amazing!!! Would love to see yours!