Monday, January 18, 2010

Road to California 2010 - Day 1

Annual Road to California Report

The first class I took was called 'Making a Grand Entrance' with Kathy Kansier - one of the judges of the 2010 show. In this class the objective was to enlarge a picture of our choice of a door, archway or gate using the Tracer Jr enlargers, transfer that enlarged design to a piece of foundation muslin and start audioning fabrics. I chose a picture of the Columbia River Gorge taken thru a stone archway on a bridge for my project.
This was how the classroom looked for the morning session...darkish! It did not quite get all the way dark because there were some spotlights that the convention center could not get to turn off. which made it harder to actually see the lines using the Tracer Jr enlargers - they really require a very dark room to see the edges.The first time we tried to turn off the lights , we ended up turning off the lights in two other classrooms! They were a bit distressed at that...finally one of the convention center guys came by and set it so we could at least turn off the overhead lights..

Here is my's pretty big for me...probably 30 x 40...I am going to make the edge of the quilt the curve and put fish tank tubing in a channel on the back to keep it arched..the pieces of fabric are just pinned to the muslin - some folks were using fusible, but I really don't care for fusible much..and it's the devil to handquilt thru...
I need to do a bit more to the bottom of the arch - it needs more definition to the ledge but I did not have much dark fabric to choose from..will have to be on the hunt for some..the greyish fabric came from another quilter (thanks!). I only had a fat quarter of the rock fabric..and ended up pasting a bunch of scraps together with OkToWashIt glue to make one of the reverse highlight pieces...I ended up with a tiny pile of very small scraps of that fabric..
I think I need something more as a focal point on the river scene..not quite sure WHAT though..and I need to do some shading on the green parts...

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