Monday, January 18, 2010

Road to California - Day 2

The second class I took at Road to California was 'Painting with Inks' by Patt Blair - she won one of the big money prizes for one of her quilts ($500!) - a portrait of an 18 year old Mexican folk dancer at the Padua Hills Theater..(the lady who's picture it is was in my third class!! She posed for the original picture 45 years ago!) And she won first place for a pictoral of a mountain can see those pictures on her blog

I chose to do one of Patt's designs for this class, though I could have chosen to do an original..I thought I would learn more of the techniques if I had her example to work from..and in the end, I think I chose wisely for this one. I used the pattern for the third quilt from the left - the magnolia blossom..Patt is a very interesting teacher and has load of great tips for using the Tsukeniko inks..I only had to buy a few more bottles of the inks to add to my collection.
Mine is alot pinker than hers...I like pink magnolias (they are 'Susan Magnolias'!)
You can see a bit of the design showing thru the PFD muslin where I didn't get finished with the last three leaves..I also need to add the background and probably will use a pale blue/lavendar instead of the yellow/oranges that Patt used..I am liking how this is turning out ALOT...

The day started out with a bit of excitement! I got to the parking lot and noticed there were LOTS of people standing around..turns out there was a fire alarm and they evacuated the whole building..If I had a quilt in the show, I would have been going nuts thinking about fire or water damage..fortunately it turned out to be a burned sandwich in a microwave back in the food service area..we were let in a little while later...

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