Saturday, January 22, 2011

Road To California 2011 - Day Three

O. M. G....if you ever get a chance to take a class from David Taylor..DO IT!!! He is one of the best quilt teachers I have ever had...he is totally funny.. has figured out how to make award winning, very expensive quilts...and he is not afraid of sharing his techniques..

In the morning, we learned how he makes his patterns, prepared a tracing of the pattern we chose to do (either his penguin or hummingbird - I chose the hummingbird...) and made a freezer paper tracing of the pattern..cut those apart and ironed to the fabric (provided in the kit, thank goodness!) Then we learned how he 'buries' the points so that he does not need to make sharp points (except if they are on the outside edge like the point of the hummingbird's beak..)..and learned how he does the starching

During lunch..he was demo'ing the HandiQuilter Sweet 16...its the sit-down table model that HandiQuilter makes..I sat and watched him quilt for around half an hour!

After lunch, he broke us up into small groups and we gathered around his table to learn how he does applique..its a pretty neat technique..very close to how Ami Simms does her applique..only his pieces are prepared vs Ami's where the pattern is drawn on both pieces. He explained how he does the quilting using Sulky's Blendables threads..and how he changes colors...and buries the knots as he goes..and how he does binding..with a layer of polyester twill tape that keeps the edge from ever stretching!

I don't really have anything to 'show' for today as I only got 3 pieces of a 50 piece pattern sewed down!! So I will leave you with the teacher's version of the pattern:

Friday, January 21, 2011

Road To California 2011 - Day Two

Just went around the vendor mall today..bought a few things..
a fat quarter of a rock wall... the littlest kit of Wheel of Mystery (Laser cut batiks - finished size is 16x20) and the Texas Star pattern (Lone Star with 5 points instead of 8) from John Flynn's booth, 1/4 inch hexie papers for English Paper Piecing....package of John James sharps..

Did not buy a lot..but it was interesting...We went out for barbecue ribs and yam fries after shopping.. yummmmm

Class in the morning from David Taylor..really am looking forward to that!!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Road To California 2011 - Day One

Just got back from my Scavenger Art Quilt was really enjoyable and the teacher (Terry Waldron) was great.

My scavenged pieces for this quilt are the green ribbon on the left, the crocheted doily behind the cup of tea and the doily in the saucer (which was a plastic-y paper that was wrapped around one of the pots of flowers that I got in the hospital)..I used decorator fabric that I got free from the Fullerton Civic Light Opera (they had huge bundles of fabric scraps in plastic bags in front of their office - I was fortunate that one of the guys in my office mentioned the bags were there) to make the sunflowers, a piece of trim is the tea bag label and the teacher handed out a baggie of trims that had the green stems for the sunflowers..

There is an inspirational quote on the quilt as well - reads:
"We are cups, constantly and quietly being filled. The trick is knowing how to tip ourselves over and let the beautiful stuff out." Ray Bradbury

The pot for the flowers is a wee bit dark in the photo..its really much brighter in real life..but I may have to change out the brown behind it.. The cup I added last and its not quite really done yet..but you get the idea..

I only went into the vendor mall for a few a couple of sample pieces of wool batting...and a couple of green fat quarters that I thought might make good leaves but ended up not using..but since they are batiks..they will get used somewhere!! There is this lady selling trims and buttons that I want to investigate a bit more tomorrow..She's selling hanks of stuff - $18 for a dozen hanks...

Got to see the quilts last night when I picked up my badge..some really wonderful quilts..the best of show was won by one of my teachers at Road 2010. best pictorial was won by the teacher I will have on painted surface was won by one of my teachers from Road 2010.. a lot of this year's quilts are definitely art pieces as they are quilted to 'board stiff'..but they are beautiful..

It's warm and clear and a bit windy...wearing short sleeves for most of the day!