Saturday, August 20, 2011

Aurora, Restored she is - restored!

(click thru on any of the pictures to get to the Photobucket album with more details)
The front plate:
Front Plate restored

The bobbin winder area:
Bobbin Winder Restored

The bed and throat area:
Bed Restored

The back of the head: (still needs a wee bit more of the Tar and Bug remover and some more rubbing!)
Back of head restored

All cleaned up!
Aurora Restored actually SEW something!


woolywoman said...

So beautiful! You did a great job. I always feel like these machines are happy to get back to work.

pirate said...

What a fantastic job you've done! Simply beautiful!

DragonPoodle said...

Great job! Those decals are in very good condition, and this is a lovely decal pattern. So nice to see a beautiful machine brought back to life.