Sunday, December 11, 2011

Occupying My Sewing Room

Well...I, err, didn't  get much SEWING done in my occupation of my sewing room..but I did create a glorious mess by pulling ALL of my stash out of the was several feet deep on my cutting table and my ironing board..Its gone down a bit since I folded a tray of fat quarters..but still have oodles to decide what to do with...I am in need of a different way to storing my PIGZ (Projects In Gallon Zippys)..At least 15 of them...sigh..

I did get the fabric squares for the taggie blocks picked out..and I cut several taggies..then went looking for more ribbons and that's kinda what started the avalanche...that and looking for some yardage to make some other gifts (can't say WHAT I am making as the recipient MIGHT  read this blog!)

Shall be occupying my sewing room again next weekend..Hafta get the gifts done...which means the mess has to go back into the I can use the cutting table and the ironing board!

Occupy Sewing Room

Saturday, December 03, 2011

Occupy Your Sewing Room this is an Occupy Movement I can relate to..the other ones, not so much.. Our list of demands is short: Leave me alone. I'm sewing!
Head over to Barbara's blog (by clicking on the picture) for the details on her giveaway...
I will be making some taggie blocks for my nieces' babies (two beautiful baby girls! they were born in September - 5 days apart). I am planning on using the treadle.
And maybe some other stuff...we'll see...