Monday, January 02, 2012

Goals for 2012

These are some things I want to reach for this year:

Publish more posts on what I am doing.
Not a daily post, but a few more than I have averaged in the last few years.
2010 was a bad year 2011, I focused mostly on recovering, but I am getting stronger and stronger.

Lose around 5 more pounds.
It gets harder to lose the closer you are to target..
I am up-ing my exercise level.. Have added wind sprints to my daily 30 minute walk.
I would like to actually be able to do a 5K run some day.
Using the treadle counts as mild exercise!

Finish my Hearts Garden quilt.
Borders, binding and label..just need to do them.

Get my tub of UFOs whittled down.
I am shocked at how many projects are in PIGZ status...(Project In Gallon Zippy)
I have to get at least a FEW of them done!! (in another post, I will try to list them out)

Learn to do lace embroidery on my treadle.
Step one..master the Octi-Hoops I got for Christmas.

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