Sunday, March 04, 2012

Birthday Presents for DGD

Made a few things for DGD's fifth birthday...

A Tooth Fairy Pillow - DGD hasn't lost a tooth yet..and from what I hear, is kinda not so sure about the whole loosing a tooth thing..thought this might help her out a bit (I did check it out with her Mom to find out if the Tooth Fairy was going to be stopping at her house when DGD lost a tooth).

The pattern is by Two Blonde Mice..saying is:

in this pouch you will find
a teeny tiny tooth of mine
so while i sleep and dreams parade
can we do a little trade?

I used a piece of horse fabric - it might have been for a shirt for my Sis, but I don't remember the shirt - I found the fabric in with the stuff my Mom saved that I made the Heart's Garden quilt out of - only had two strips of I had to piece the back..and there is almost nothing left!

A snack mat..made from a block that I got from the AZ Retreat..don't know whose bag of scraps it was in, but thought it was really cute!

Sponge balls - got this idea off Pinterest..went to the Dollar Tree and got several packages of sponges..the hard dry cellulose ones just don't case you want to try these! Fortunately, I got a pack of 10 of the foam sponges..and they work a treat..cut each sponge into thirds with a scissor, stack up three sponges worth, tie with some cotton crochet yarn - I think I cut around 10 inches..use a couple of surgeon's knots to keep it from coming undone, turning and knotting it several times..Fluff out the ball and in less than 10 minutes, you have 3 soft balls that can be thrown in the house or used in the bathtub..

 Will be going to her party in the afternoon...

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