Sunday, July 29, 2012

In the Butterfly Pavillion

This was where we ended up this morning:
The wildflower meadow is just one of the many areas at the Rancho Santa Ana Botanic Garden. Most of what we see flowering there seems to be 'farewell-to-springs' and in the back are 'Claremont Sunshine sunflowers'. The scent was heavenly!

They were releasing all of the butterflies in the Butterfly Pavillion today...everyone who entered the tent could release a butterfly into the outdoors! The kids in the tent were SOOO excited! (One little fellow was freaked out by a butterfly landing on his shoe.Poor thing!)

These all were taken inside of the Butterfly Pavillion:

And a freed butterfly!

A manzanita tree - one of the volunteers had us touch the bark - the bark is really cold, even though  the temperature was close to 90 degrees by the time we were in the Garden:

There were oddles of squirrels as well - the ticket taker lady said it was because the walnut trees were getting ripe. They don't stand still though so this one is in motion!

There is still lots more to see, so we will need to make a return trip!