Monday, October 08, 2012

No Sew Pumpkin Tutorial

I made this cute fabric pumpkin today. its totally reusable, and its NO sew!

1 fat quarter in pumpkin color
1 fat eighth in brown
4 inch or larger square of green
1 piece of floral wire
piece of green or brown double fold bias binding same length as the floral wire
1 cardboard TP tube(or TP roll)
batting scraps

Wind batting scraps very loosly around the TP can use a full roll of TP if you want. I think I used around 5 might only need 1 or 2 if you use the full roll. Place the fat quarter of pumpkin color face down. Center the TP tube and pull up the shorter sides of the fat quarter and make sure they tuck into the tube. Adjust batting if needed to allow it to tuck. Tuck the rest of the edges of the fat quarter into the tube, working your way around each side of the fat quarter. Roll the fat eighth of brown into tight roll to make the stem. Fold the green fabric into a leaf by folding diagonally, twice and hold it against the brown fabric. Stuff the stem and leaf into the tube. Center the floral wire inside of the bias binding and make curlicues out of the ends. Stuff the middle of the fabric covered wire into the tube. Voila...Pumpkin!

If you celebrate Halloween (my least favorite holiday) could make this into a jack-o-lantern by pinning on some black felt cutouts of eyes, nose and mouth.

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