Sunday, January 06, 2013

Christmas 2012

These are some of gifts I made this year.

First, the 'rag' dollies I made for my DGD and DH wanted to keep them! We both like the red-headed dolly best..I named them The Butterfly Girls since all of them were made with butterfly fabric! I saw the original dolly on Pinterest..they are made by just rough cutting fabric - no measuring! - and sewing it together..the hair on the one on Pinterest was loops of fabric but I wanted a bit more traditional look so...they got yarn wigs!

Next, the Grey Flannel Horsie for my DGNephew...
Then, Button Tree ornaments - I had a BLAST making these...again, saw the idea on Pinterest and had a jar of green buttons that were just begging to be made into these...
 And last but not least, a fabric covered picture frame that I saw the idea for on, you guessed it, Pinterest!! 
 All of these projects were made with stuff already in my sewing room (with the exception of having to buy more stuffing for the last dolly and the horse!)

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