Thursday, July 02, 2015

Nesting Robin #1 - Chicks in Red Shoes

A few months ago, one of the ladies on the Quilting Forum issued a challenge - take an orphan block and make something with it by adding borders from scraps in our stash - she gave us a suggestion every month and what we did with the suggestion was up to us. Its called a Nesting Robin since it never gets mailed to someone else to work do all of the work! Now..a Nesting Robin can get quite large, if you add as many rounds as there were I have said in earlier posts, I don't do many really large pieces - so instead of adding a whole border for each suggestion, I added just a side!

I found a  cute chicken panel in my stash that became the center of my Nesting Robin.
The first month was squares and and green checkerboard.

 I also did some ric-rac chicks (with red shoes) on the top and bottom of the panel ( click on the picture to make it larger to see them)

Second month was triangles - wonky triangle chicks

Third month was flora or fauna - yo-yo flowers

Fourth month was circles and ovals - appliqued chicks

Fifth month was 'If it has a name, its fair game' - that's the flying geese border

and Sixth month was Repeat something - which I repeated the yo-yo flowers from the third border in the corner stones. There were a couple of more months of suggestions, but my quilt was as large as I wanted, so I stopped!

Note: All the chicks have red shoes! And all of the buttons are from my Granny's stash except for the wee chick I bought at Rosie's Calico Cupboard on the Quilter's Run...she has red shoes too, courtesy of my Micron pen!

Finished off the binding on the Quilter's Run last weekend:

Tuscan Landscape

Many, many moons ago...I made the base for the Tuscan Landscape in a class at Road to CA with Martha Nordstrand...It went on a journey to visit the needles of some very talented quilters who also attend the Valley of the Sun Retreats..and finally made its way back home where it took me another year or so to finish off the embroidery and quilting and to decide on the border...

At it is!

Quilters who contributed to this are Ami Krenzel, Kim Diggins and Kathi Eddy

Getting Back in the Saddle Again

Yikes..its been a VERY LONG DRY spell in these parts! Sorry for being absent so long.

I did attend Road to CA in January...took a couple of neat classes:

Tentmaker Work - I am almost done with this piece. It is going to be a pillow cover. This pic is how much I got done in the class...The class was taught by Egyptian Tent Makers..they are truly amazing applique-ers!

Images in Landscapes -
Loved this class but unfortunately, have not worked on this project very much since January. Class was in how to blowup a snapshot into a wall hanging sized quilt...which you then can add traditional blocks to make an interesting focal point..mine will not get too much bigger than this as I don't usually do very many 'big' quilts...but I am thinking of at least adding a border of flying geese..we will see how inspired I get! The small picture is the photo I started with and then enlarged...looks pretty darned close, eh?

Project Bag - This was a fun, quick bag class..I went to M&L a few weeks later and bought a yard of headliner fabric to make more of these. I think I even have enough of the clear plastic...just need time!

I did attend the annual Valley of the Sun Retreat in February:
One of the highlights was making this Mystery Quilt...I think EVERYONE loved the pattern and how their quilt came out! Still need to quilt it though...

And..just went on the annual So Cal Quilter's Run and stimulated the economy!

One of my additions is a Thread Director...supposed to help eliminate breakage when using metallic threads for FMQ...will have to play with that soon!