Sunday, March 13, 2016

Painless Binding Join on the Hexie Daisy Quilt

I am finished with hand quilting the Hexie Daisy quilt so I thought I would photograph how to do the Painless Binding Join I learned from Shannon Shirley at Road this year. This is the easiest way to do the final join in the measuring, no pins...

First, prepare your binding..for this piece, I am using single fold, non-bias binding, but it does not matter what kind of binding you are using.

Create a 45 degree angle on the end of the binding  by folding and trimming off the folded part - you may already have a 45 degree angle if you are using bias binding.

Fold up the edge by around 1/4 inch - wrong sides together. Press.

Place binding on the quilt with the longer edge along the outer edge of the quilt..You will need to figure out where you want the join and do a rough guess on where the other seams in the binding fall (seams in the corners are kinda problematic!)

Sew binding to quilt, mitering corners. If you are using double fold, start a couple of inches away from the end...single fold, start right at the end.

When you get close to the start point, cut off the remaining binding, leaving an inch or so overlap along the same angle as the folded part. For double fold, tuck the end into the pocket and smooth down.

Finish sewing the binding down.

Flip the binding to the back and pin or clip. You can either stitch the fold closed or not - just like the miters on the corners (some people stitch 'em, some don't)

Et voila'...almost done!

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