Thursday, June 30, 2016

HST Column Quilt

The HST Column quilt as a top:

Finished quilt: (sorry the color is bad - my normal snap camera is trying to die....and I used the cell phone camera instead..yuk!)

When I showed the top to my Mom, she thought if would make a marvelous summer lap I finished it for her - just backed it with one of the remaining bigger pieces of fabric scraps and folded the edge to the front instead of binding.. I did try the quilting in the 'column' part to see if using a different color of thread would make the column stand out a bit more...the result of that experiment: it really wasn't worth would require a way more dense quilting than I had the patience for to get it to change option if you want the column to be noticeable...make those HSTs with a different color!

Here is a closer up picture:

But...Mom likes it and it will serve a useful purpose..and now all three of us have a quilt made out of those dress scraps from long ago.

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Sewing Up A Storm said...

It is really pretty and what a nice thing to have out of old dress fabrics from your younger wonder your Mom claimed it.