Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Star for a Star!

My daughter really, really likes I made a star wall hanging/mug rug for her birthday:

I fastened the ribbon holders on with a pair of starfish earrings. The star hanger I got on the Quilter's Run a couple of weeks back.

Paper pieced...this is about as much paper piecing as my tolerance allows. I must be getting a bit better though, since I did not cut any pieces too small and only sewed one seam with the fabric upside down when my mind wandered a bit..I have learned to use HUGE pieces of fabric for paper piecing, and if I cannot see the right side of the bottom fabric when I am stitching on the line...its wrong!

All star fabric, even the label on the back...

Monday, July 04, 2016

Happy 4th of July and A Summer Quilt for Dad

Happy 4th of July! Hope everyone had a great holiday!

I finished the top for a summer quilt for my Dad..I made him a flannel one for winter, but..he needs a summer weight one..He sleeps in a recliner due to some breaks in a couple of bones in his back..I made a pocket for his feet in the winter one. this one will also have a pocket for his feet...

This is mostly a kit that I bought on the Quilter's Run last weekend..I had to add the beige and red stripes at the top and bottom since the kit by itself is not long enough...I frenched all of the seams so that no straggly threads would show through since there is no batting..and the backing is a linen duvet cover - half of which is making the pocket for the feet.

Not sure yet if I will just birth it...or if it will get some quilting...I am thinking around the center panel, around the RWB stripes and across the beige stripe - maybe around the eagle and the USA..but..we will see when it gets down to it!