Wednesday, July 13, 2016

A Star for a Star!

My daughter really, really likes I made a star wall hanging/mug rug for her birthday:

I fastened the ribbon holders on with a pair of starfish earrings. The star hanger I got on the Quilter's Run a couple of weeks back.

Paper pieced...this is about as much paper piecing as my tolerance allows. I must be getting a bit better though, since I did not cut any pieces too small and only sewed one seam with the fabric upside down when my mind wandered a bit..I have learned to use HUGE pieces of fabric for paper piecing, and if I cannot see the right side of the bottom fabric when I am stitching on the line...its wrong!

All star fabric, even the label on the back...

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Feathers in my Nest said...

Love that idea with the very clever Suze. Your star is beautiful...I was just pp Wild N Goosey 3.5" blocks. Bonnie's pattern from Quiltmaker mag. Once I got the hang of it its not too bad..but it does waste paper, I don't like that part.
Debra in Ma.