Saturday, December 31, 2016

New Year's Eve

Wow...forgot about posting to the blog for half of 2016...sigh..I will really try to do better next year!

2016 in review:
Finished a few quilts... Echos of the Grand Canyon, Goose, Goose, Duck; Dragonflies Paradise, Hexie Daisy, Thread-Sketching Bouquet, Embellished Antique Linen, Summer Quilt for Dad, Star Mug Rug, Doodled Hexie Mug Rug
Worked on a few more quilts ...Fire Mountain Bargello, Desert Landscape, Wee Hexie Basket, Cape Blanco Light, Columbia Gorge...
Ate lots of good meals...
Went on several trips - Arizona, Texas, Nevada and the annual Quilter's Run in So Cal
Laughed a lot...
Cried some...
DGD moved to Tennessee..we are going to try visit soon..
Still working...Retirement is looming though!

Hope 2017 will be a great year!

Here are the Christmas gifts I made this year:
Squirrel Lovie
 Frog Prince Lovie
 Wolf - kinda a lovie..but I stuffed him...
 Three French Hens
Hedgehog for my hedgehog loving Sis: (not a Christmas Present!) - I had to try out my PomPom makers I bought on the Quilter's Run...amazingly..they work!

I discovered Corner to Corner works up soooo fast...
 ...that I made a whole passel of washcloths and handed them out at the Christmas party!
Our tree...
 ..with a silly squirrel under it!
And the mountains out the back on Christmas Day - as close to a White Christmas as us flatlanders in So Cal get!

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Sewing Up A Storm said...

Looks like you have made some nice things. Hope your new year is very productive. I am hoping that we figure out where we are going so I can move all my stuff there and start making things again. My mantra for 2017...................embrace change.