Saturday, November 26, 2005

Artist Way Check In - Week Four

I am checking in a bit early since I am doing my Artist Date for next week tomorrow morning - gonna do my first mystery may not have time to get on the computer except to get the clues...
Hopefully this links correctly to the Artist's Way blog...Artist Way Quilters: Chap 4 Check-in November 27, 2005

1. Did morning pages 6/7...skipped Turkey Day - I was just way too busy to sit and do pages!
2. Did my Artist Date - and yes, my artist gets to do more than rent a movie - we were somewhat creative this week and finished off some ancient UFOs
3. Well...I think getting the return email from my long lost friend and having her work in the same city as I work in is pretty much synchronistic!
4. No burning issues...

Task 8 - Out with the old, in with the new...
I started with the underwear drawer..all the ratty old undies went in the trash, along with a bunch of undies that I just never felt right wearing. Fresh new undies took their place. Then I moved on to the addition to evicting a low self worth outfit (a shorts and top outfit that every time I put it on I wondered what in the world I was thinking!! Unfortunately I loved the color...just not on me!), I did my seasonal 'move the winter stuff to the front, the summer stuff to the back' and got rid of two bags of other stuff that bugs me...I still have too much 'stuff'...I have to pare more deeply - one of these days.


Helen Suzanne said...

hehe good for you on the two bags worth! When I moved to the islands I decided to take only one black bin-bag worth of clothes. It was terrifying and I felt sick choosing, but the brutallity of it became totally liberating and the only thing I really miss was a very good pair of classy black paitent leather court shoes... right enough i never really wore them but there's been a couple of occassions I've needed them since :(

Debra Spincic said...

One day Laura, Brent's girlfriend, was cleaning out her closet and her comment, "I always wear the same clothes anyway so why do I need these extra ones" was so true. I have my 4 or 5 blouses that I like and 2 pairs of jeans, favorite shoes--just like a uniform.

I did make a pact that I would get 2 nice outfits and everything that would go with them (shoes, purse, jewelry) so I would be prepared for going out & not frustrated at the last minute.

Good for you for tidying up the closet!