Sunday, November 06, 2005

The Artist's Way Check In - Week One

1. Did the morning pages every day but one. Yesterday I recorded a really cool dream I had the night before...and I made my Christmas list (this is pretty early for me!)
2. Did the Artist's Date and had a grand time - did notice that like a little kid, my Inner Artist wanted me to buy everything I picked up - had to tell Inner Artist that some of those things we can get or do in upcoming Artist Dates! week I am going to go to a park that I haven't been to that is on my way home and blow bubbles...I will try to take the camera, but it remains to seen who gets ahold of it first...we really need another digital! (On my Christmas list for DH)
3. Issues - resistant to the idea of having to do the morning pages...but I 'spose they will get easier to do if I just keep it up. No issues with doing the Artist Dates - I love the idea!


Jane Ann said...

Suze, I haven't piped up yet, but I'm enjoying your blog. I know the 3rd grade experience was just awful, but all I could think when I read it was, "Good thing she got to go to a different school the next year!" You write well--your morning notes ought to be a breeze.

sophie said...

The morning pages DO get easier (and faster) over time. If all else fails, you can brainstorm ideas for future artist dates there :-)

The Adventuress said...

i thought i would check out some of the blogs that are scrolling across my login page - and discovered yours! right on - another artist's way person! i've been doing it since last january, in an effort to revitalize my studies program in library science. i was having such difficulty remaining inspired. so i decided to do the artist's way again. i've found that the "morning pages" work really well for me.

some mornings i'm very blah, and nothing comes up, and so it's humdrum ... but other days, it helps clear the air so much ... helps me deal with difficult dreams ... or issues i've been worrying about. and once in awhile, i actually discover an inspiration that helps with my studies.

i wish you all the best!

the adventuress