Sunday, December 11, 2005

Artist's Way Check In - Week Six

This was a fun week. I did my morning page 6/7 days - Wednesdays are just the hardest days for me to get into them! I sewed a bunch of Christmas Gifts for my Girlfriends, went to Christmas Party with my associates - there were 6 of us at each table...the table I was at, everyone EXCEPT me got one of the door prizes...most of the prizes were dustcatchers...I ended up with a consolation prize...but really I like it better...its a dish of florescent green plastic putty that can be squeezed, molded, pinched, squished...its labeled "Positive Putty - Release Your Tension, Stretch Your Creativity, Shape Your Destiny, Sculpt Your Direction." - More up a creative person's alley than a silly old dustcatcher anyway!
I loved the tasks this week and did most of them. I consider my reunion with my long lost friend to be my artist date for the sure was satisfying! Oh..and playing with the putty too!

Task 1 - found 5 interesting rocks from my gravel driveway...a chunk of granite with pyrite sparkles, some milky quartz, a piece of limestone, a smooth chunk of basalt and an interesting piece with some hematite in it..or at least thats the best I can do at identifying the rock types (Geology was a really looooonnnngggg time ago!) I washed the rocks and put them into a jam jar lid that has cute little berries printed on the edge...and put them on the ledge of my kitchen window.
Task 2 - its winter and even in So Cal, there are not too many flowers that bloom in winter, but I did find some! A bright yellow dandylion, a deep pink wildrose bloom, a tiny white rose, a spray of pepper berries and a lime blossom...put them into a pretty glass to enjoy for a few days.
Task 3 - I already cleaned out the ratty clothes a couple of weeks I cleaned out one of the kitchen drawers and tidied up the rubber bands and twist ties, restacked the kitchen towels and boxes of plastic wrap...Found a box of parchment paper I forgot I had!
Task 4 - Made a spicy chicken soup (added Pace Salsa)and a pumpkin pudding...yummm!

And...I went out this morning and did ALL the Christmas shopping except for a couple more stocking stuffers for my kids, the gift bags, and the food that will be served at the credit cards are protesting, but TADA...I am done with buying things and since I knew where I was going and what I wanted, the only crowded place was Costco - but that's normally crowded on a Sunday afternoon..just have to finish the handmade gifts, get the decorations up and clean the house...and er, humpf...the Christmas Cards! This is THE earliest I have ever had this much of the shopping done!!!! (One year we were sick for Christmas, hadn't done the shopping at all! Christmas celebration was postponed til New Years, and we got all the Christmas gifts that year at the After Christmas Sales!)


Rian said...

Sounds like my kind of week, Suze!

Jane Ann said...

You sound positively inspired! Wish you could lend me a little.

Suze said...

I guess the morning pages are good for something at least! I had my thoughts about what to get for everyone worked out, decided what stores to go to and just did it. I did vary one store, but I can't say what store it was or the jig might be up if a certain person were to read this week's posts! - Switching stores saved me 30 bucks!

sophie said...

What a perfect door prize! What a great week.