Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Catching Up...Twenty Five Years Worth

I had dinner with my long lost friend last night. It was a wonderful, wonderful reunion! We had dinner and we talked and talked and talked...finally one of the waiters came over and said they were closing for the evening!!!We did not even realize we had talked for FIVE hours! (Nice of the restaurant not to kick us out earlier!) I think we might still be there talking if they hadn't closed.
We are going to get together again between Christmas and New Years - both of us are off work and we still have oddles to talk about! Very interestingly, our lives have taken similar paths although she still has the same attitude about quilting I did three years ago before I got quiltpox ("Why would you cut up perfectly good fabric into little pieces just to sew it back together??)...I will just have to expose her to quiltpox and hope she catches it!


cathy said...

That's so great that you found your friend after so many years. It sounds like you picked up right where you left off. Quiltpox is very contagious so I'm sure after some exposure she will catch it as well. It is not something one ever recovers from, but I don't know that I would tell her that.

Jane Ann said...

It's always interesting to see that old friends have followed similar paths to your own, without your even knowing it. Always confirms for me I really was a soul mate to that person, just as I'd thought!

It's thrilling to see everyone in this group reaching in new directions: Pat with her camera, Tracey with her violin, you with a still-rewarding old friendship, Jules with her first commission, Hilda trying a new take on the motel sale issue, me with blogging (who'da thunk it?).... I have to believe we were all ready to make these jumps, but it was TAW and the group dynamic that pushed us ahead.